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Princess Zelda Cosplay: Wig & Makeup Teaser

Hey guys,

You might have seen on my social media that I am currently redoing my floor. I am excited because not only am I gaining a tile floor that looks like it would belong in a castle, I am creating a clean, cozy space for filming most of my future YouTube videos. I watch a lot of HGTV shows, so you can imagine I was quite excited for a project like this, all with the help of my dad of course.

Once the floor is laid down, I get all my things back into place, and I return to my normal groove, I will be posting more videos (a few per month) on a consistent basis along with blog posts every Wednesday. This is just a heads up as to what my plans are for my content.

Since my brain is just about scrambled between contributing to my father’s surprise birthday party on Sunday and hauling 80% of everything I own in the living room and assisting my dad with the floor remodel yesterday and today, I am going to focus this blog post on a little experiment I did with my Princess Zelda cosplay a few weeks back.

I didn’t get the chance to wear my Zelda wig or play with makeup myself before or during PAX East since I ran out of time, so I spontaneously decided to put the look all together one day when I had some free time. I wish I would have been able to wear the wig, because I looked that much more like Zelda with it on. Even though my hair is long and blonde it wasn’t exaggerated enough as where the wig is much longer, straighter, and lighter in shade giving it an ethereal, otherworldly look. I want to do more with makeup in the future, especially with Zelda. Even though this is the Hyrule Warriors version of Zelda, I love the art style of the Ocarina of Time princess and I would like to emulate the same style of the eyes.

I also was able to play around with different Snapchat filters, which gave my cosplay an interesting aesthetic. Here is a little teaser of what I want to do more with in the future…

Let me know your thoughts on my Zelda cosplay in the comments below or on any of my social media.

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