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Books by Katie da Silva

Aiming to become Internet Famous, formidable sixteen-year-old, Twyla Dystra, can destroy anyone in a video game. Even a legendary, insta-famous gamer and national champion who mocks her before a gaming tournament. Little does Twyla know, her performance catches the eye of someone who could make good use of her unmatched ability, a use no other gamer could ever imagine.

The day the game arrives changes everything. Sent to Twyla by a stranger, You Decide the Fate of the World, a video game she has never heard of before, appears on her doorstep. Playing the game for the first time, she must choose a hopeful candidate who will venture to save the game’s dying world, Estaysia, and its poisoned god, Ryujin. She picks the devastatingly handsome yet incredibly stubborn Ajax Ardiarchy, the only hologram who can sometimes hear her. After successfully keeping Ajax alive by bringing him through a number of trials and destroying a multitude of deadly enemies, Twyla makes a dire mistake that will cost her. Ajax is thrown to his death into the depths of a fortress tower by a merciless paladin. Twyla believes she has lost him for good and broke the game indefinitely when he doesn’t reappear.

Twyla soon learns a harsh reality—she will die if she doesn’t find a cure for Ryujin and save his world. Finding a way to continue the game, she faces against a relentless legion of immortal knights who hinder her efforts to gain an ensorcelled lens with the power to reveal the cure. Not long into her first battle, Twyla discovers she’s not the valiant force she thinks she is and her ego falsely built by video games is destroyed. In order to save her own life, Ajax, a god, and an entire world, Twyla must decide if she is capable of becoming a real hero beyond the screens.



Destiny of a Gamer: Beyond the Screens

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