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About Me

Katie da Silva, indie fantasy author

Katie da Silva earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration at Rider University and later worked as an Internet producer at a web development/e-card company and now works as a customer service specialist for a Fortune 500 retailer.   


When not working diligently on her latest fantasy novel, Katie can be found adventuring somewhere within the woods of her fifty-two acre farm (or kingdom) of her home in southern New Jersey. She lives with her family, a band of farm kitties, some geckos, woodland animals, and her puppy niece, Cambria, a Bernese mountain dog with an affinity for snow.  


Whenever she has some free time, she loves to play video games. She has been avidly playing since she was a young child in the eighties. She considers herself to be mostly a retro gamer with a deep love for game series like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Star Fox, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros., Soul Calibur, and many more. In her own personal gaming collection and experience, Katie's amassed 20+ systems (including handhelds), 130+ games, and has played for about 25+ years throughout most of the evolution of the video game industry.


Staying connected to the gaming/geek community, Katie attends comic cons (big and small), gaming expos, and orchestrated video game music concerts sometimes while cosplaying as her favorite characters. Aside from making her own armor, she also competes in gaming tournaments, battles those who would challenge her to one-on-one sword combat at Renaissance Faires (waivers were signed), and constantly stays in contact with thousands of gamers all over the world through social media.

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